In spite of her tragic death at age 43, Natalie Wood remains one of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses to this day. These books are must-haves for every Natalie Wood fan’s book collection.


Natalie Wood A Memoir By Her Sister


Natalie Wood: A Memoir by Her Sister Lana Wood

The closest Natalie Wood fans can get to a Natalie Wood autobiography! Natalie’s sister Lana Wood takes us on a journey from childhood memories to first-hand accounts of Natalie’s relationships and her time on movie sets with other top Hollywood stars. A must-read for Natalie Wood fans!

“This New York Times best-selling book is the most intimate possible remembrance of Natalie Wood’s tempestuous life and tragic death. A book that only Natalie Wood’s sister could have written – a warm but unflinchingly candid account of a great star’s passionate love affairs, violent fights, stormy marriages, bitter divorces, and of her controversial death by drowning at the age of forty-three, stunning a nation that adored her.”



Natalie and RJ


Natalie and R.J.: The Star-Crossed Love Affair of Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner 

Best-selling Hollywood biographer Warren G. Harris (author of Lucy & Desi) brings us a dual-biography with this story of the intense love affair of two of the most famous Hollywood stars of their day: Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner. Younger fans might be surprised to learn how famous Robert Wagner was and what a sought-after leading man of his day.

“Their relationship was that of fairy tales. Their devotion so intense they wed each other not once, but twice. In the first book to focus on both Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner, the author of the bestseller Gable & Lombard and the critically acclaimed book Cary Grant gives us a scintillating portrait of this glamorous and exciting couple from their early years working for the studio system to the final, shattering hours before Natalie Wood’s life tragically ended. We follow them on their roller-coaster ride of the ups and downs and the magic and the madness of this couple who became Hollywood royalty.”


Natalie Wood (Turner Classic Movies): Reflections on a Legendary LifeNatalie Wood : Reflections on a Legendary Life

With a forward by Robert Wagner, an afterword by Robert Redford and contributions by her daughter Natasha Greyson Wagner, this book will no doubt become a staple in every Natalie Wood fan’s library.

“In the 1950s and ’60s, there was no star that shone brighter than Natalie Wood. As a child actor who smoothly transitioned to adult roles, Natalie made an unforgettable impact on the world with her sensitive performances and her spectacular beauty. In a span of less than twenty years, her talent graced a dozen classics, including Miracle on 34th StreetThe SearchersRebel Without a CauseSplendor in the GrassWest Side Story, and Gypsy, earning her three Oscar nominations and two Golden Globes. Few actresses in Hollywood history have carved out careers as diverse and rich as Natalie Wood’s, and few have touched as many hearts in a tragically short lifetime.

Natalie Wood: Reflections on a Legendary Life boldly redefines Natalie not by her tragic death, but by her extraordinary life. This is the first family-authorized photographic hardcover book on Natalie Wood, and the first book to examine her glamorous film career as well as her private off-screen life as a wife and mother. Lavishly illustrated with stunning photographs and featuring thoughtful essays on her Hollywood career, a special section on the making of West Side Story, an original introduction by her husband Robert Wagner, a reminiscence by her daughter Natasha Gregson Wagner, a family album with never-before-seen snapshots, and an unpublished article written by Natalie in her own words, Natalie Wood: Reflections on a Legendary Life is that once-in-a-lifetime book that will change the way the world remembers a Hollywood legend.”

Natalie Wood reading a book

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